Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daylight Savings...

Is a bit of a con at the outset. Lose some sleep. Gain an hour of twilight. But soon... after work missions will be easy.

I was looking around for an alternative to epoxy for my tying. There are quite a few new acrylics out there, most are set by UV. Most are quite expensive in comparison to Araldyte. While I was looking around I found some neat patterns, and inspiration.


These are all derivatives of the Surf Candy. I enjoy tying them but they are fiddly as if using epoxy. I'll try some UV stuff.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making the most of the weather

'Dre called me yesterday. Having some phone issues and missed his voice message but we hooked up eventually. Talk about great minds thinking alike - we both were thinking dawn raid on the snaps. Wasn't until well after I'd asked him to buy some bait & burley that I realised he probably thought we were taking his boat, while I was thinking of taking mine out. Anyway we decided on mine. Andre's brother Tristan was coming along too. Got up at 4.30, had some brekkie and a coffee and took off for Taka ramp. Well!!! rather than a boat ramp it was a campervan parking lot. Not cool. I mean I got a park easily enough but boat ramps are boat ramps not caravan parks. We hit Rangi shallows by 5.20 on the outgoing and anchored in 6m. First baits hit the water and soon we had some nice fish aboard. As the sun rose the bite tapered off so we motored out a bit. Eventually we drifted out by A Buoy, nothing doing there except a big 'couta which took me on a tour of the boat for a while. We'd fished for a couple of hours by this time and decided to head into the channel proper to get the advantage of the dwindling current. Good call, soon a steady stream of good snaps came aboard. We took home 15 fish and would have put back half that many. Sea was flat as a pancake.

Booger ran well 3 up, but I think that's her comfortable POB limit. Took an hour to clean down gear, boat and fish.

Spring fishing at its best. As I write its clouding over and the NW is getting up.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boat blind installed!

Me and Tim got the job finished today, and a bloody good job we did too if i say so myself.

We drilled.

We tapped holes. We cut frames. We screwed in screws. Bolted bolts. And finally...

A bit of improvisation here and there.

But its all done, just have to string up the camo net before we go hunting - sweet.

Again we're in the season between seasons

September, the lay month, is on us again. In fact we're well progressed, and there are plenty of diversions this year like the RWC, the family holiday we've returned from and a chokka work schedule. I spent a couple of days in Timaru this week just gone. An interesting place, too big to ignore, not big enough to be cosmopolitan. It was closed on Wednesday night. On the north side of town is an interesting lagoon (closed for hunting of course) that plays a role as a breeding ground for whitebait. It also hosts a good head of geese and ducks. (Anyway I'd like a lagoon like that).

Today Tim and me are going to work some more on The Booger. We'll drill the holes for the blind and by the time we're done the frame should be up for the boat blind. Photos later.